Rock Active Seating Stool

Unlike traditional student chairs, Rock stools elevate learning by encouraging body movement and student engagement. The patent-pending seat mechanism encourages a non-disruptive, front-to-back and lateral pivoting action that turns tired, distracted and fidgeting students into active learners. The sturdy stool’s height, backless design, and gentle seat contours promote better blood circulation and improved posture. Plus, the stool entices multiple stances – sit, stand, and perch, so students enjoy healthier environments. Classrooms using Rock and complementary counter-height tables benefit from transformed student and teacher interactions. The stool brings students eye-to-eye with standing teachers, so hierarchies fall, and communication improves. Plus, the compressed stool footprint facilitates teachers’ movement between desks. Because the stool is non-handed and allows 360-degree turns, awkward twisting and neck-craning is eliminated when students look at changing room focal points.
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