Zee Bench Desk

A seamless blend of nature and design...a uniquely-shaped, raw timber bench desk We’re no longer chained to the same desk every day. The office landscape today looks very different to how it did 15 years ago, and there’s a variety of spaces to work. However, there still remains a need for desking for particular tasks. Combined with this need, office interiors have evolved with overall aesthetics becoming extremely important to the attraction of talent and extension of the brand throughout the workspace. Biophilia has become an integral part of workspace design, with the introduction of foliage and natural materials. Zee is a premium modular desk system with a softer, more bespoke look. Playing a part in biophilic design, its solid oak end leg has a unique look that seamlessly blends nature and design. Unlike other wooden leg desks, the leg detail is distinctly visible complementing a top available in a huge range of finishes. The complete system includes a wide variety of sizes, cable management options and accessories such as screens and power options.
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