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Lawrence Anderson

Brookfield Residential, a distinguished player in real estate development, embarked on a visionary journey in Orange County. Their goal was ambitious yet clear: to craft a corporate office that seamlessly blended their brand identity with the inviting allure of residential environments. The aspiration was to cultivate a workspace that transcended the ordinary – one that not only captivated the eye but also nurtured a culture of creativity and collaboration.

Striking the Perfect Balance

This endeavor was not without its challenges. The primary task was to ingeniously merge the cozy elegance of residential aesthetics with the pragmatic requirements of a corporate setting. The challenge lay in harmonizing comfort and practicality – offering a soothing, welcoming atmosphere while ensuring the infrastructure and technological needs of a professional workspace were met.

The Collaborative Force Behind Success

At the helm of this transformative journey was Alyssa Armesto of Tangram Interiors, working in close collaboration with renowned architectural firm Gensler and HBC. Their collective effort was pivotal in breathing life into the vision. Tangram Interiors, in particular, emerged as the linchpin, spearheading the sourcing and provision of furnishings, finishes, and design elements that mirrored the residential charm while meticulously catering to corporate functionality.

The Fusion Unveiled

Through a meticulous selection of sumptuous textures, refined color palettes, and tasteful furnishings, the team adeptly brought the vision to fruition. Tangram's expertise in seamlessly interweaving practical solutions with aesthetic brilliance ensured that the office became more than just a workspace. It evolved into a sanctuary of productivity, comfort, and inspiration.

An Award-Winning Triumph

The results spoke volumes. The seamless fusion of residential elegance and corporate efficiency yielded an environment that resonated with Brookfield Residential's ethos and identity. The culmination of this project was further magnified when it garnered the prestigious Calibre award for Best Workspace of a Medium Size, a testament to the project's exceptional success in seamlessly merging aesthetics and functionality.

Elevating Design to a New Dimension

The transformation achieved in Brookfield Residential's corporate office underscored the ability of design to transcend boundaries. Under the skillful guidance of Alyssa Armesto and the collective collaboration of Gensler, HBC, and Tangram Interiors, a workspace emerged that not only embodied the company's values but also ignited a sense of belonging, community, and innovation.

Where Vision Meets Reality

The Brookfield Residential project stands as an exemplar of how a harmonious blend of residential elegance and corporate pragmatism can redefine workspaces. It embodies the idea that a well-designed environment is not just a physical space; it's a canvas that paints the company's culture, values, and aspirations. With each step, it inspires creativity, fosters collaboration, and elevates the very essence of a workspace.

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