Confidential Technology Company

Confidential Technology Company
New York City, NY
Robert Deitchler

Tangram and Gensler partnered up to create an incredible office for this tech company's Los Angeles office back in 2020, interweaving various themes and nods to the city within the design. When the company expanded their NYC office to Manhattan, staking out over 232,000 square feet for 1,000 employees across the five top floors of the 58-story H&M tower, Tangram and Gensler were once again engaged to translate some of the West Coast tropes to better suit the soul of the Big Apple.

For this New York office, the play of the neon elevator lobbies of LA have been re-envisioned with LED panels in colors and images representing pizza, yellow cabs, and the Statue of Liberty. In the café, LED tubes abstract the subway map, while, behind the server counter, climbing ropes reference Spider Man scaling tall buildings. The boardroom is a circular space in a square building, its otherworldly oculus subtly recalling James Turrell’s work. And everywhere, including from multiple balconies, are views stretching from the Empire State Building to the Freedom Tower.

Using the standards and vision established in the Los Angeles office, Tangram provided desking and Steelcase Series 1 task chairs for the NY office's open workplace as well as ancillary lounge furniture for conference rooms, meeting rooms, the café, and open social and collaborative hubs. All furniture contributed to the high-energy, colorful, creative and playful environment, with vibrant materiality that was specifically selected to complement or match its surroundings. For example, Viccarbe Maarten chairs were provided for several 4-person huddle rooms and each room featured a different color scheme and graphic, which Tangram matched the chair's color to, from muted neutrals to loud neons. In addition, the lounge furniture played with shape and form, often following the nesting seamlessly into architectural and structural details. The space well-captured the vigor of the city, singing an ode to the incredible views that can be seen from every space.

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