Los Nietos Middle School

Los Nietos Middle School
Whittier, CA
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Los Nietos Middle School believes in developing a collegial culture as a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) Academy that takes a relatively new educational approach with greater emphasis on cultivating collaboration, creativity, social skills, multimedia exposure, and real-world application experience. When the middle school decided to incorporate esports into their curriculum thanks to the sport's massive growth in popularity and integration into higher education programs, they hired Tangram, a leader in esports environmental research, to provide all of the furniture and spacial planning.

Esports is a term derived from “electronic sports” and is a high-level competition in video games, similar to traditional sports. This classroom is complete with gaming systems, monitors and plenty of comfortable and flexible seating provided by Tangram. All pieces were sourced from Smith System and MooreCo in a variety of vibrant colors and postures for e-gaming. From flexible desks to allow for collaborative clusters to stools for greater mobility and lime green bean bag chairs with incorporated back support, all furniture encourages collaboration, socialization and a fun level of rivalry.

This new classroom is the first of its kind in the school district and offers students the opportunity to learn strategy and critical thinking in a virtual competitive and fun setting.

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