Too Faced

Too Faced
Irvine, CA
Project Team:

Tangram Interiors and Tangram Studio collaborated with the internal design team at Too Faced and Gensler OC to convert this 60,000 square foot building that was previously a DMV into a pink and gold glittery dream that perfectly encompasses the playfulness and femininity of the Too Faced brand.

Too Faced Cosmetics was founded by Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson in the late 90’s when the pair decided they were unimpressed with the dark trends of 90’s grunge and the state of the cosmetics industry. The Too Faced brand is a direct reflection of the vibrant and innovative personalities of its co-founders. “I think Jerrod and Jeremy really valued the design and skill we brought to the project. We were able to turn their vision into a reality,” says Mary Moen who led the project on behalf of Tangram Studio.

Their vision? Rows and rows of pink and gold workstations. To satisfy the founders’ requests, Studio modified countertops built by DBAC into workstations by adding custom tack panels and wall-mounted storage in three custom powder coated shades of pink. To compliment the design, Studio also added gold fishnet and solid gold 3form sliding doors to the storage. Studio carried the dynamically feminine theme throughout the 20+ private offices by outfitting each office with desks with beautiful scalloped edge details and open loop gold frames. The founders received a beautiful custom marble top desk with a custom laser cut gold powder coated “TF” logo insert in the loop leg. To complement the Studio design, the Tangram Interiors team, led by Alyssa Armesto, specified Sit On It ‘Wit’ chairs in a custom pink fabric. “Too Faced was really great to work on,” Armesto says, “it’s not very often that you come across such a fun project with such a fun team.”

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