Kellie Reed
Vice President, Sales - Orange County + Healthcare
Contract Furniture
University of Phoenix


Kellie Reed is an experienced professional with a passion for customer service and business development. With a strong background in customer relations, sales, and project management, she is dedicated to delivering exceptional results.

Over the course of her career, Kellie has held various customer-facing roles, ranging from sales representative to project manager. Through these positions, she has gained valuable experience in understanding customer needs, developing effective customer relations strategies, and driving business growth.

Kellie holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Her educational background, combined with her motivation and dedication, fuels her desire to continually excel in her work and exceed expectations.

A team player by nature, Kellie thrives in collaborative environments where she can work alongside others to achieve shared goals. She is passionate about working with people and takes pleasure in helping them achieve their objectives. In her leisure time, Kellie enjoys hiking, reading, and spending quality time with her family.

Currently, Kellie serves as the Vice President of Sales for Tangram Interiors in Orange County, California, specializing in the healthcare sector. She has been with Tangram Interiors for over 12 years and has played a key role in the company's growth and success. In her previous role as Director of Sales, she demonstrated her expertise and leadership in driving sales initiatives and managing the Orange County region.

Kellie's extensive experience, combined with her educational background and passion for customer service, makes her a valuable asset to Tangram Interiors. Her strategic approach and dedication to exceeding customer expectations contribute to the company's ongoing success in delivering innovative solutions to its clients.

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