Quick Facts
  • 1. Name, title?

    Taylor Dennison, Project Coordinator

    2. Where is your hometown?

    Huntington Beach, California

    3. What type of company did you work at previously and what was your role there?

    I was a Business Developer and a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep in the last year and a half

    4. What is a fun fact about yourself?

    I love to surf and snowboard, and in Southern California you have access to both within a short drive

    5. If you were trapped on an island which three things would you want to have with you and why?

    I would bring my computer so I could keep my blog updated for all my followers, bottomless del taco and my surfboard

    6. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever eaten?

    I haven’t really dabbled in any crazy foods, however, I just went to Ireland and Iceland in May. While we were in Iceland, I  (begrudgingly) spent $80 on 2 large domino’s pizzas because I refused to eat lamb or shark while we were there. I made those last for 3 days.

    7. What are you most looking forward to in your new role at Tangram?

    I am really excited for this new career path as I have only been in sales. I already know the team and culture is going to be so rad and I excited to be immersed in it. The growth and challenge is what I am most excited for

    8. What is your go-to Karaoke song and why?

    Piano Man by Billy Joel…. An absolute icon

    9. You’re throwing a party, what would be the theme and who would be the guest of honor?

    Stranger Things theme and I would invite Travis Kelcee from the Kansas City Chiefs

    10. What do you hope to bring to the Tangram team?

    I hope to bring good vibes and a strong work ethic.

Taylor Dennison
Project Coordinator