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Quick Facts
  • 1.  Name, title?

    Sam East – Designer – Santa Fe Springs, CA  

    2. What is your hometown?

    Huntington Beach, CA

    3. Where did you work previously and what was your main role there?

    Previously I was in Retail Design/Visual Merchandising for Pier 1 Imports.

    4. You’re throwing a party, what would the theme be and who would be the guest of honor?

    Theme: Pick your favorite holiday, come dressed appropriately (enthusiasm encouraged).

    GOH: All the Kardashians and Martha Stewart (cause she’s thug).

    Date: Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend!!! (I just thought the date was important too).

    5. What are you most excited about in your new role at Tangram?

    Loving where I work and the people I work with… and getting to draw for a living.  

    6.  What is something you recently crossed off your bucket list?

    Walking barefoot in a biodynamic vineyard in Northern Tuscany on my birthday. CHEERS!

    7. What are you known for amongst your friends?

    My butternut squash risotto and THE BEST Halloween parties EVER.

    8.  A goat walks through the warehouse door right now wearing a cowboy hat. What does he say and why is he here?

    Goat Says: “YEE HAW!  Everybody Calm Down!  I GOAT this!!!”  

    Clearly he is here because he got wind of us having a secret urban farm on the roof of our warehouse and he was interested in signing up to be a loved member of our pet-goat family.  

    9. You graduated from Michigan State last year, congratulations! However, you know several Tangram executives went to UM… do you still want to work here?

    Absolutely!  I can never root form them (athletically speaking) because “GREEN” is in my blood… but us Michiganders share something unique… we have all lived in one of the only places on earth that is mostly surrounded by fresh water.  *Side note: there are no longer any living wolverines in the state (the last one was stuffed and mounted in 2004) but rest assured Sparty is alive and well.  ;o)

    10. How many pieces of pizza are you capable of eating in one sitting?

    Depends on the topping… Pineapple = the whole pizza (well maybe half, I am good at sharing).

Samantha East